I'm Becky (on the left)! I'm 23, Originally from Cambridge MA, graduated from SCU in St. Paul, MN, currently in graduate school at BC in Boston, MA. This tumblr is just a dump of the humorous and serious. I'm super gay and complain about biking and I don't shut up about veganism and I shouldn't be in public before coffee.


[What makes you emotional?] "Love stories, romantic comedies, things like that. I get so attached and I just bawl at the end. I don’t ever want to be in love though, that just looks like pain. I couldn’t ever be in a romantic role either. I just watch them." -Maisie Williams


Somehow, Alison is the tiniest clone. 

Somehow, Cosima is the curviest clone.

Somehow, I feel protective watching Sarah break down.

Somehow, when Rachel does the same, I want to look away.

Somehow, sexuality comes naturally to Sarah and Cosima and Rachel.

Somehow, when it’s Helena or Alison, I feel gross and intrusive.

Orphan Black: the show of somehows and wizardry.